Writing Now

I am writing a literary novel.

I am writing a short story collection,

I am writing poetry.

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Works in Progress

In The Church of the Blue-Eyed Prophets – A Literary Novel 

Compassion calls one young woman to redemption in The Church of the Blue-Eyed Prophets, where she must make a life-and-death decision for a boy who never was. This book explores the way we misinterpret life; the difference between reality and perception, between intentions and their consequences. Ultimately, it questions our assumptions about the nature of meaning and of purpose.

In The Church of the Blue-Eyed Prophets
36% Complete
25,924 of 72,000 words

Travels – Exotic Fiction Based on True Events

Exotic fiction inspired by true events. Local men investigate a dead child's mutilated body downriver. Aging brothers pursue an epic journey south. An Amazon guide finds himself adopted by strange savages.  Get lost in the world.  

45% Complete
20,140 of 45,000 words

The Poet – A Collection of Short Poems 

Poetry by the one who watches.

The Poet
60% Complete
36 of 60 pages

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