Who I Am

Today I am a traveler of the world.

Everything I own I carry with me in my backpack and my duffel.

Six years (2018) I worked my way down from Yucatan in Mexico through the jungles, rivers, and coastlines of Central America into the massive Andes of South America. Now, it's Europe and Asia.

My special interest is for the native peoples of the world.


I grew up with cats.

A cat is prominent in each of my books.

Probably because of this one cat – my favorite.

His name was Super kitty.

He died.


At 8 years old I began to write.

I wrote about an Alphie bug who had the head of Alfred Hitchcock ...

... and about a war between the Decromats and the Conumists.

I wrote about a bear going to the Moon.

Maybe I was ahead of my time.


I lived 15 years in Alaska.

I climbed the Chugach mountains. 

A grizzly bear charged me.

It was the best day of my life. 

I lived.

I like to make new friends.

Have a drink or two.

Get to know each other.

Have a good laugh.

Celebrate the dead.


                           But ...

                                                           My passion is for books.

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