What I Write

I write books. I write Novels, Novellas, Short Stories, and Poetry. 

I write Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, Travel Fiction and Horror.

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What I Have Written


When Dolls Talk - A Collection of Short Horror Stories

"A little masterpiece of horror!"

A bad world infects our own with wicked ways. This dreadful dimension spawns stories from intruders in our midst. Creatures we call dolls tell awful tales to make us weep, to make us cringe, to make us suffer. The horror…when dolls begin to talk.



    Guanjo – A Science Fiction Novel 

    "Brilliantly Conceived! Creepy and Compelling!"

    An eerie tale of first contact. John E. Boyd, hyper-curious and depressed human being, dares to pursue the lost tribe of missing emigrants from city-Earth. Guanjo defies his expectations, turning his mission into genocide.



    Hermit – A Novella 

    "I love this, I love everything about this."

    Gabriel lives on a hill above the beach; his days, routine. With books and one stray cat, he is content. Gabriel killed his former self – the young, selfish, failed man. He follows a guru who is dead. He thinks he is enlightened and prefers to be alone. Until a beautiful and bright young girl infiltrates his isolated world.




    Orange Cappuccino –

    Based on a true love story 

    “Alaska will be our last stop; a chance to recreate our life together. More simply, it is our escape plan. We do not know what lies ahead, only that we have to leave behind our recent escapades. I am not stupid, but I am reconciled, if necessary, to life in an igloo. I do not see this as desperation, perhaps because I do not see forward clearly.”


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