Natal Chart Interpretation

Natal Chart Interpretation & Event Timing

Student of Esoteric Thinking for over 40 years

Depth Psychology - Transcendental Philosophy - Eastern Wisdom Traditions - Esoteric Christianity - Mysticism/Shamanism - New Age Spirituality - Astrological Symbolism

Astrological Chart Interpretation - In-depth delineation and explication of energetic proclivities - Focus on: Life Theme, Life Purpose, Life Mission

Event Timing - Date Specific delineations for particular pattern manifestions

In a Nutshell: Based on the disciplines listed above, I prepare a comprehensive and detailed Natal Chart Interpretation, running to 150 pages or more, that delve into the psychological patterns inherent in an individual’s chart. The discussion, presented in book form and presentation, evolves as a revelation over time, as if a mystery were being solved by rigorous deduction.

Additionally, if desired, an Event Timing Review is prepared that advises which patterns are due to manifest at particular points in time, and what those arising patterns mean to the individual in terms of life progression and choice-making.



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